popular NoteBook/Personal Web Archive app. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evernote

Founded 2007

see stats at Startup Growth Stages

Jul'2023 major layoffs

Nov'2022 acquired by Bending Spoons

2015 Phil Libin stepped down as CEO.

Sept'2011 company profile - Life Streaming, Outboard Brain - What if a program could follow your whole life, and you’d simply tap a green button on your phone, or your wrist implant to store what’s happening around you in an external memory- a phrase, a piece of music, the weather, your vital signs and your mood at that particular moment? If data aggregation and social technology continue iterating (which they undoubtedly will), those fragments will be put together in a holistic way, and they will become your digital avatar... As you can imagine, Google and all the usual suspects have tried to buy Evernote. But, “It’s a 100 year company (Forever Company), says Libin. “We don’t have an exit strategy and we’re not going to sell.”

Nov'2013: how it grew. Mobile AppStore as new channel (Growth Hacking), etc.

Interviews with Phil Libin, CEO:


Evernote Needs To Be A Wiki - see Why Use A Wiki For Your Notebook

Aug'2014: playing around a bit more

Installed Mac app in addition to using WebApp.

Wanted to import Private Wiki text.

  • But my text files have no file extension, so they all get treated as attachments.
  • So made a copy of the folder, did little script to add extension to every file, then imported.

Did handful of searches, assigned tag to each result-set. (WikiWord As Tag)

Joined MohioMap, browing around....

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