Federated Wiki

Going beyond InterWiki linking across WikiSpaces.

A tactic toward Wiki Proliferation?

Smallest Federated Wiki: GitHub has shown us that forking, duplication and even proliferation need not be feared. This leads me to believe time is right for a new start and have done so with a project awkwardly named the Smallest Federated Wiki.

TiddlyWeb's Tiddly Fed http://cdent.tiddlyspace.com/bags/cdent_public/tiddlers/TiddlyFed

  • Tiddly Fed is stub name for a project to enable federation between/among Tiddly Web servers. Like most other federation projects, the goal is to avoid lock-in, silos, walled-gardens. Your tiddlers want to be free to roam the internet, that's why Tiddly Web gave them URI-s... Being able to access bags from other Tiddly Web servers in the recipes of the current server. From a data standpoint this just means allowing URIs of bags with hostnames in recipe lists... Some people have mentioned moving content around between servers, but this isn't really a good idea: It's the web, use its openness and connectedness!


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