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I'd like to teach the world to Wiki (being a Wiki-Junkie)...

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WikiWeb Life Cycle of Group Forming - do we need One Big Soup? For a Webs Of Thinkers And Thoughts?

CommunityWiki:WikiProliferation - Mass Use Of Wiki, Mass Coverage By Wiki

Some (Dec'2012) ideas on niches for spreading Wiki


Software Forge: you have to recognize the success here already in integrating Wiki into other functions (Issue Tracker, Version Control System, etc.) - though many of those users under-use the Wiki strengths.

WikiWeb Social NoteBook (some folks have referred to a "social EverNote" model) - grow network of Reflective Thinker-s whose ideas get cross-fertilized (Stigmergic) by richer InterWiki features (cross-WikiLog, also leveraging Private Wiki Notebook-s).

Student Wiki Web: similar idea, but

  • focused on a particular "market", which leads to targeted features such as...
  • some sort of "class/course" aggregation model so that students still own/control their own spaces, but teacher interaction is increased.

Team Wiki Web: similar idea, but

  • focus on SMB market, with an emphasis on easing the fuzzy progression from private notes to shared and structured ideas and actions.
  • have a model that avoided or minimized non-paying users
  • focusing on web/cloud system, while having some lite tools for initial content-capture

WikiKit: Structured Wiki as new HyperCard or MsAccess, targeted at Telic teams who want some Bespoke Situated Software for CollaborationWare. cf Structured Wiki For Situated Collaborationware

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