First Pages To Create In Your Private Wiki Notebook

For Hack Your Life With A Private Wiki Notebook Getting Things Done And Other Systems.

A Wiki usually defaults to a "FrontPage".

Edit that page to include:

* Journal2021
* Meaningful Life Roadmap
* Most Important Task; MITs; Weekly Log, Weekly Review, Daily Review

To click through for contents here:

Then, for each of those page-names above, make the page, and copy in the content (or your own equivalent) for that page's content.

  • That last row of page-names creates mainly anchor points for BackLinks. That means
    • When you use one of those names/phrases in a page, you get the confirmation of a link being matched.
    • You can use the BackLinks from one of those pages to find all your pages that refer to it.
  • You don't need to generate any of the pages mentioned inside the Meaningful Life Roadmap. I accumulated those pages chunks at a time over the course of a decade. Many are mostly-redundant. But still, I've found them an inspirational way to think about life at one time or another. As always, feel free to dump all of them, or add your own ideas, or whatever.
  • The Journal2013 page, or more precisely the current Weekly Log page you link from that Journal2013 page, is where you spend most of your First Seven Days Of Using Your Private Wiki Notebook...

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