First Seven Days Of Using Your Private Wiki Notebook

For Hack Your Life With A Private Wiki Notebook Getting Things Done And Other Systems.

Start by making the First Pages To Create In Your Private Wiki Notebook. Then what?

Capture your entire To Do List on your current Weekly Log page, as bullet points below the "Next" header.

  • Spend some time putting down everything you can think of that's rattling around in your head.
  • Do some rough prioritizing, so that stuff you really feel the need to get done in the next week is near the top of the list.
  • If the list is really long, and some things are more like Bucket List wishes, you might want to move those to a To Do Someday Maybe page.
  • Try to write each item so it's phrased (or starts with) a Next Action.
  • Look for opportunities to use Smashed Together Words for potential Automatic Linking.
  • When you find that an item is really a Project, create an extra page for it. That page contains (or links to pages containing) ideas, to-dos, Progress Note-s, etc. (If it's a work Project, and there's already a page with all that info in a work space (like a TeamWiki), maybe you don't need to make your own private page for it.)
    • You might want that page to start with a date-stamp, or maybe not.
    • If it starts with a date-stamp, you should put it on your Journal2013 page. That way, that Journal page becomes a nice chronological listing of things that happened that year.
    • Make sure that Pro Ject page is linked in (roughly) every appropriate To Do line, so you can always jump over there for more context, etc.
  • Pick 1-3 "big" things you want to make sure you accomplish with your week. Put these MITs up in the header of the page.

Move 1-3 To Do items from "Next" up to the current day (or next day, if it's late at night). These are your MITs to focus on.

Try hard to do all those MITs as soon as possible each day.

When a new task comes up, add it to the page, roughly prioritized. If you take care of it right away, add it to the current day anyway, as a log of what you accomplished.

At the end of the day, do your Daily Review. If you didn't get to an MIT that was on your list, should you panic now? Work late? Move it down to the next day? Realize it wasn't that important after all, and demote it back down to your overall list? Settle on the MITs for the next day, taking into account any time commitments in your calendar, plus the top Weekly MITs that you had put up in the header.

At the start of the day, review your MITs for the day, work the list.

At the end of the week (for me that's Sunday), do your Weekly Review.

  • Look at the Weekly MITs you noted up at the top. Did you get them done? Other feelings of accomplishment or failure? Note all that in the Weekly Review section up there.
  • spin a new Weekly Log page off the Journal2013 page.
  • stick the header info you want at the top of that Weekly Log page.
  • cut/paste your whole Next section at the bottom of the ending-week's page to the new week.
  • pick your big Week MITs, and your next-day MITs.

Then you can Add Your Readings And Ideas To Your Private Wiki Notebook.

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