Game Playing

We all seem to be playing multiple games (Games Theory) at all times, assuming all human activity are games, and we're always involved in multiple sets of human activity.

But "game playing" is a label often applied to parties abusing the tacit spirit of a Game Rule (within the letter of its explicit boundaries) for local benefit at a loss to larger groups of parties (e.g. "society").

  • aka Gaming The System - see Buster Benson: lately I’ve been seeing just how much we game the system, any system, all systems, all the time. To game the system, as I understand it, is to ignore the interface that the system has given you, to ignore the “best” choice (where best is defined by core values and pure motives–before you game it), and to instead try to fight against an outcome that you foresee happening before it has actually happened.
  • Derek Sivers: The joy and freedom of harmlessly upsetting social norms
  • Such behavior needs to be checked via FeedBack, Transparent Society, Tit For Tat...
  • Does such behavior indicate a Zero-Sum game? (Is A game ever inherently Zero-Sum, or do some people just treat it that way? Vs Finite Game?)

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