Get Back In The Box

book by Douglas Rushkoff ISBN:0060758694

on Innovation through deeper Engagement with your employees, customers, etc.

Industrial Age formalism/analysis sucks the Engagement right out of everyone - it's time for the New Economy to switch everyone to an Infinite Game/Non-[[Zero-Sum]]/Play Ethic mentality.

Doug seems almost a little too anti-Industrial Age to me - let's be grateful for what product cost reductions have given us. I see the New Economy more as standing on the shoulders of giants...

It also seems too anti-IndividualIst. He actually makes a comment about it not making sense for people to keeping focusing on Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs that has Self Actualization at the top, since the Self is not the atomic unit of the New Renaissance (the Network is). I think that Network-s, like all forms of Voluntary Association, need to leverage Individual Sovereignty/Freedom. I think the real problem is Artificial Scarcity created by people who like having Zero-Sum Games.

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