Good Enough School

Common Anti Pattern:

  • Parents want their kids to go to a Great School
  • They move to town with good Public School system; the houses are more expensive and the Property Tax is higher
  • The kids end up overbooked with
    • too much HomeWork from advanced classes (esp AP)
    • too much overstructured extracurricular activity because (a) rich options are available, and (b) it's all part of the College Admission competition.

End result: kid looks good on paper but can't function outside of Factory Schooling/prison culture.

(And finances are a mess: 2003-10-20-SalonWarrenTwoIncomeTrap)

Alternative: settle for a town with a Good Enough school, leave them time (and brain-SlAck) for a Saturday Morning Project. (cf How To Be A High School Superstar)

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