Good Things About Suburbs

I'm more pro-UrbanizatIon, but it's worth noting the Trade-Off-s on Suburb living (specifically Barrington Il).

Back Yard: so far, the kids aren't interested. We'll see.

When you buy a house, the sale closes fast. (NYC CoOp process is a nightmare, for buyer and seller.) Agent filled out contract before we even submitted a bid, so it would be ready; bid responses happen within 2hrs (in both directions), so you finish negotiation in 1 day.

When you buy a major appliance, it gets delivered the next day (and that can be on the weekend). From a dealer who has a service department, and doesn't charge you $150 for the initial diagnosis.

Contractors can work on the weekend, and outside 9-5hrs.

If you pick well, you can go the Public School route with greater safety.

I hope to get a grill and a hammock in the spring.

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