Software that assists in communication among people.

EMail. Group Discussion software. Project Management Software. Shared Contact Management, Group Calendaring. General custom database development (vs MsExchange Public Folders). Instant Messaging. Knowledge Management.

Some might say that to qualify as GroupWare there must be something persistent (contra Instant Messaging) and/or with a controlled Work-Flow process (contra EMail).

Here's an IETF memo on calendar specs .

"Standard" packages are MsExchange and Lotus Notes. Oracle Collaboration Suite is going after that market.

Some would say that any groupware app has to be driven from an email client, since that's all anyone will use. Why might email be so more widely accepted? Is it just that it's the first thing people learn, or is there something truly fundamental to it? See Universal Inbox ideas.

For the moment, I will use the term Collaboration Ware to refer to an assembly of software and people/practices to assist a team (or network of teams) in accomplishing things.

Directory of Open Source GroupWare.


Came across a new one from --ZWiki:DeanGoodmanson

  • hmm, now called EnterpriseRss, seeming to use RSS for data distribution. Server based on Zope.

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