Restaurant ordering/delivery service/network

2022 Amazon bought 2%, is offering free GH+ membership to Amazon Prime members.

2020 bought by Just Eat Takeaway

IPO 2014

Just ordering (not their own delivery) until 2014?

Founded 2004, merged with Seamless (founded 1999)

Aug'2018 partnership with PizzaHut/KFC/TacoBell

Jul'2018 bought LevelUp, a Boston-based payments and loyalty services provider.. GrubHub plans to integrate LevelUp's platform into restaurants' point of sale (POS) systems. This means that in addition to handling orders and deliveries, GrubHub can tighten its digital grip on restaurants by bundling in payment services and loyalty programs.

  • With LevelUp, GrubHub can now offer restaurants that are part of its network order ahead/pickup in-store and new CRM/loyalty initiatives to their mobile wallets using LevelUp's white-label tech. As for GrubHub's core business of online order and delivery, LevelUp's integrations to most of the cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) systems that power quick-service restaurants (QSRs), including many of the leading players - Toast, ShopKeep, NCR, Clover, Revel, Oracle/MICROS - will undoubtedly help GrubHub's migration from tablets on counters to features inside those cloud-based POS systems.

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