Guy Kawasaki

Apple Macintosh Evangelist

RulesForRevolutionaries author -

speeches in PDF

Forbes columns from 1998

his iClosed shtick

pushing BitPass Micro-Payments scheme

in his tape he talks about making it easier for your offering to get improved by having an Open Architecture (see also Innovators Solution)

he talks a lot about Evangelist-s - one of the "hottest" examples of 2003 is the Howard Dean campaign

on how to pitch - My colleague Bill Joos told me that when he started his career at IBM, the company trained him to imagine there was a little man sitting on his shoulder during presentations. Every time Bill said something, the little man would whisper "So what?" to him. Every entrepreneur should carry this little man on his shoulder and listen to him. Remember: The significance of what you're saying is not always self-evident, let alone shocking and awe-inspiring.

The Art Of The Start (Start Up)

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