Hakim Bey



aka Peter Lamborn Wilson

author of TAZ, Immediatism, Millenium (free online), others

Response to Hakim Bey's Sijil --2004/02/07 16:02 GMT
I'm going to post this inquiry several places in hopes of some feedback. Essentially this is a response to the "Sijil of the Fatimid Order", and its author Hakim Bey (a.k.a. Peter Lamborn Wilson). It was his fascinating Arthurian "fragment", entitled "Glatisant and Grail" that first helped me to connect the dots RE: the Fatimid Imamate. I am however wondering why he describes the Fatimid Order as "Hafeziyya", when he himself acknowledges al-Tayyib as the the "last Fatimid" in "Glatisant and Grail". If it is because of the "Bohra claim" to be Tayyib's successors, first in Yemen and then in India, I would suggest we need to re-examine the sources; and in this respect "Glatisant and Grail" had initially misinformed me, by saying that Tayyib "vanished in the Yemen". Much as the Bohra hierarchy might prefer that to be the case, they too have to acknowledge the sources; which clearly state that not only Tayyib but his entire Hudud and core of faithful followers went into occultation "in the West", i.e. initially North Africa, and quite conceivably beyond! I will quote just the "Fazaailo Misril Fatemiyyah" here (although there are other sources): "In Misr (Egypt) the Baabul Abwaab, Molana Ibne Madyan propagated d'awat towards Imam Tayyib whilst Abdul Majeed was entrusted with affairs of state. Ali bin al-Afzal expressed his enmity to Aimmat Tahereen and aimed to take over Misr. He imprisoned Abdul Majeed and began his subterfuge assisted by al-Hasan bin Abdul Majeed. Mumineen (faithful followers) were killed, their possessions were seized, Molana Ibne Madyan and four figureheads of D'awat, namely; Naslaan, al-Azizi, Raslaan and Qunis were slain. The subterfuge spread everywhere and with the darkness spreading Imam Tayyib entered into 'satr' towards the westward lands accompanied by his Baabul Abwaab Molana Abu Ali, Huduud Fozalaa and Mumineen mukhliseen. The palace in Misr became empty as did the homes of al-Qahera (Cairo) as 600 Muminaat emigrated westward." Additionally, there are allusions in the literature of the Ithna-ashri and Ismaili Shia to a Green Island (Jazira Khadra) west of the Maghrib (Africa), that is the domicile of the hidden Imam. While some have interpreted this as an incognito location in the "Bermuda Triangle", America is just as likely! Which brings to mind Hakim Bey's discussion of the "Ishmaels" of Delaware, Kentucky, and Ohio in another piece by him entitled "Gone to Croatan". I have discovered that the name of these early African-Islamic Americans varied in local pronunciation from "Ishmaels" to "Ismaels". So we may actually have here the latter-day perambulations of the exiled Tayyib Ismailis! We should at least make allowance for the possibility of a tangential "real time" Egyptian connection for the Fatimid Order, as well as the purely "Imaginal" one that Hakim Bey invokes in the Sijil. -- rasulredoy@yahoo.com

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