Peter Lamborn Wilson

aka Hakim Bey

author, Pirate Utopias

a Sufi

Agriculture is the only radical new technology that ever appeared in the world; what it amounts to is a cutting into the earth. If you read any anthropology about Native Americans, you will find that when the white Europeans arrived and tried to force the tribes into agriculture, the tribal people always say the same thing: "What, you want us to rape our Mother, the Earth? This is perverse. How could you ask human beings to do this?" Agriculture internal linkimmediately appears as a bad deal to these tribes. There is no doubt that this technology leads inevitably and fairly quickly to social hierarchies, separation, class structure, property, and religion as we understand it--a priest class that tells everybody else what to do and how to think. It leads, in other words, to authoritarianism and, ultimately, to the state itself.

Hieroglyphics and Money - Of course, writing itself is a form of Magick... We're all agreeing to a Consensual Hallucination. And the only consensual hallucination. None of the other ones work. Money accomplished what God could never do.

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