Douglas Engelbart concept

Proxy Server to provide Augment-like interface to legacy (proprietary format, e.g. MsOffice) files - the next step toward the Open Hyperdocument System?



Revived in 2006 - 2006-09-05-HyperscopeReleased

This seems to be a view-only system! How are its users then interacting? I could see having a mainly-single-author document, and gathering email-based comments, taking advantage of the Purple Numbers, etc. But I really try not to write long/static documents anymore, in a Start Up change is constant/random, so freezing a document is pointless. I'd rather use Email Discussion Beside Wiki.

As of Jan31'2007

  • their blog hasn't been updated since Nov7

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  • 1 mailing list was last-updated Dec18, the others haven't been posted to since late October

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