Internet Message Access Protocol

Another protocol associated with reading EMail.

Supports accessing email from multiple machines. There's an article outlining other advantages over POP.

article on mimicing via Telnet - good for testing servers

Open Source server apps:

Python client-side library info

There is a companion protocol to IMAP, developed at Carnegie Mellon University. It is called the "Application Configuration Access Protocol", or ACAP, and provides the same location independent access to configuration files, address books, bookmark lists, etc, that IMAP offers for mailboxes.

You probably want to have a WebMail interface available.

Infinite Ink's IMAP Service Providers page --2003/11/09 18:15 GMT
I have a lot of information about IMAP and IMAP Service Providers here:

I need to break the page up into a lot of smaller pieces and I'm looking for wiki-blog software to use - that's how I stumbled on your site and this nice looking wiki-blog system you're using! -NancyMcGough

Code to delete huge number of messages from inbox

I got ~50k error messages from one of my systems one night. This has made my inbox unusable by Mozilla, and I've been living with Squirrel Mail. Can't keep that up!

Could probably find some sort of file-hacking thing, but wary of that.

Brainstorm - write some Python code to identify the troublesome messages and purge them

Python library has some stuff.

  • 'search' returns a 'message_set'

  • 'store' command seems to set flags for a message_set

    • set to '\Deleted' ?
  • 'CLOSE' expunges the deleted records

  • 'UID' approach needed?

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