"Movement" of people who want to own/control/host their own data at their own Domain. We should all own the content we're creating, rather than just posting to third-party content silos. Publish on your own domain, and syndicate out to silos.

aka IndieWebCamp

  • get a personal Domain, get web hosting set up on it
  • have a page with rel=me tag pointing to (at least) one of your Social Networking handles, with the profile on that Social Networking site pointing back to that same exact page.
    • Kyle Mahan: for the purposes of indieauth, your silo profile has to point exactly to the page on your site with a rel-me back to that silo... but that can be just one invisible <link rel="me"> in the <head> if you want... your full HCard and all that can be anywhere
  • put up your HCard on your own Domain... actually...
    • the h-card container doesn't contain the rel=me links
    • the h-card contains very minimal info
    • there's no way to have this "home" page point to a more complete personal profile page (which is machine recognizable)
  • then add your own Content Publishing engine
    • Lots of independent apps being built, too bad this list is often unclear as to what language/platform was used...
  • run your own Url Shortener
  • implement POSSE (personally I prefer PESOS)
  • Add the H Entry MicroFormat markup to your posts.


Some IndieWeb folks also use Wiki-s.

Open Social Networking Model framing - 2013-05-23-IndiewebAsNewFederatedSocialNetworks

A challenge to AppNet.

Ward Cunningham presented his Smallest Federated Wiki at an IndieWebCamp - 2011-07-29-CunninghamSmallestFederatedWiki

IndieWeb Messaging: Goal: Be able to send someone a short message only knowing their Domain name. They should be able to receive the message in whatever way they want (SMS, EMail, Twitter DM, etc) without the sender knowing what medium the message will be sent through.

Apr'2014: Kevin Marks notes on talk by Amber Case. Bridgy, IndieAuth, Loqi Bot, WebMention

Bridgy - push your WebLog posts to Social Media silos (POSSE), scrape silos for Blog Comment (Back Feed/WebMention).

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