IndieWeb concept

POSSE is an acronym/abbreviation for Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere. It's a Syndication Model where the flow involves posting your content on your own domain first, then syndicating out copies to 3rd party services with perma(short)links back to the original version. http://indiewebcamp.com/POSSE

A similar but opposite approach is PESOS where content is posted first to 3rd party services and then copied/syndicated into a personal site. http://indiewebcamp.com/PESOS

  • My inclinations are to take this route, mainly because Mobile apps build in easy paths for Sharing to Twitter, etc.
    • I wonder how hard it would be for someone (else) to build a Sharing stub for Android? Of course, even that wouldn't handle the ReTweet UX...


Mar'2015: Kevin Marks says: I wrote my own little MicroPub app on my android phone in Cordova (PhoneGap) so it's a WebApp compiled to Android.

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