Intelligence Test

Intelligence Test. Metric = IQ?

In Neal Stephenson's Confusion (part of Baroque Cycle): One by one, each of us was taken out alone, and conducted to a field nearby, and handed a musket—which was unloaded—and a powder-horn, and pouch of balls." "What did you do?" Surendranath demanded. "Gaped at it like a farmer." "I likewise," said Padraig. "So you failed the Intelligence Test?" "I would rather say that we passed it. Van Hoek did the same as we. Mr. Foot tried to load the musket, but got the procedure backwards—put the ball in first, then the powder. But Vrej Esphahnian and Monsieur Arlanc loaded the weapon and discharged it in the general direction of a Hindoo idol that the Moguls had been using for target practice." "They were inducted," said Surendranath. "As far as we know, they have been serving in the armed forces of the local king ever since that day." Jack said.

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