Javascript Client Framework

JavaScript Rich Client FrameWork

cf AJAX, Single Page Application

older: JQuery, YUI, DoJo

Graphical: Processing, D3Js

Richer (2017)

React is extremely popular, esp because of it's driving of React-Native which web-centric but compiles to both iOS and Android native MobileApps.

Richer (2013+)

BackboneJs, EmberJs, Angular JS, SproutCore, React (and its ecosystem)

MEAN, Mean Io: MongoDb, Express, Angular JS, NodeJs

Mar'2015: Dan Yoder says: There's been a lot of excitement lately about React. React seems to have bumped Angular JS from the top of the hippest-framework mountain. This is unfortunate, because both of these frameworks are bad for your application's health. They're also bad for the entire software industry. For new applications, please, for the love of all things open, use Web Components instead... So why release an open source Web framework at all? Because Facebook is battling Google for engineers. So you've got a big fight between two companies over which company is the coolest place to work... both Google and Facebook are desperate to find a baseball cap that they can put on backwards. Angular is Google's baseball cap. React is Facebook's.

Nov'2014: Brendan Graetz wrote a whole EBook comparing Angular JS and EmberJs in detail.

Dec'2013 - Gloria W likes Angular JS

Giles Bowkett:

  • May'2012: Where Backbone is lightweight, Ember seems imposing. Backbone's minimalism implies to me an opinion that single-page, complex JavaScript apps are an immature field and should be addressed with a minimal toolkit. I think people like to say Ember is more opinionated than Backbone, but I think it's important to consider this top-level opinion. Although I have no doubt at all that the Ember team is very well-read, like DHH, I believe that Ember is not streamlining battle-tested, proven techniques following after a decade of single-page, complex JS MVC apps.
  • Jun'2013: I've written a new ebook. It provides a detailed introduction to Ember.js.
    • Jul'2013: I bought his book, but haven't started yet, as I don't have anything to build with it at the moment. But expect that will change in a couple months...
  • Jul'2013: I wrote better software with Ember than I did with Backbone, and it's taken me a long time to get comfortable with that -- even after writing my Ember book -- but I've figured out why. I didn't want to admit to this fact because I didn't want it to be true. Backbone prioritizes simplicity and transparency, while Ember holds your hand through a lot of the scary parts of building an app... And speaking of "fighting the last war," I haven't yet seriously investigated Angular, Knockout, or any of the several other alternatives. There's always something new.
  • Sept'2013: the Ember App Kit

Feb'2013: Why Discourse uses EmberJs

Aug'2012 comparison of Angular JS, Backbone, Batman, CanJS, Ember, Meteor, Knockout, Spine.


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