Jerry Weinberg

aka Gerald M. Weinberg. Here's a longer bio. Died 2018.

Author, trainer, aikido student/master, Quaker, and lots of other stuff. Whether he admits it or not, he has Big Magic. (Jiggling)

Software Engineering from the squishy side. Consultant as Therapist (student of Virginia Satir).

He's remixed a bunch of his books as ebook bundles at LeanPub.

Author of Secrets Of Consulting, More Secrets Of Consulting, Becoming A Technical Leader, the Quality Software Management series, Psychology Of Computer Programming, and lots more. His mentor was Virginia Satir, the family therapist. He often blows me away with his ability to say/ask something based on the hidden assumptions within what you just said. If he lived nearby I'd hire him as a therapist. In the meantime, when writing in his presence I tend to go into Quote Mark Mode.

I attended his Problem Solving Leadership (PSL) workshop in 1998. Some day I intended to go to Change Shop. I'd recommend his workshops for any manager, consultant, change-agent, Free Agent, etc.

I was a member of his closed/paid online SHAPE community. Also very stimulating.

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