Wiki hosting service built by Joe Kraus.


uses Twisted Matrix (at least for their ICal server)! Abe Fettig is their guru.

Finally saw demo/pitch at PcForum

GUI editing

  • I wonder how clean the HTML is

  • this approach smells wrong to me, in terms of Universal Canvas mixmaster, but maybe I'm wrong about that if the HTML is clean

email-in makes message as child of target page (nice, I was afraid it would append or something) (don't know whether you can create a new parent page via email)

attachments show up as list, each has version history

WebDAV interface, nice for attaching binary files to pages

form/table/query spec language - AppWiki?

  • unique language - not YAML or XUL or anything

    • I wonder how they'd feel about people copying the syntax? I wonder how it compares to the TWiki syntax?
  • flat table - are people going to hit a wall with un-normalized data?

  • default list view, calendar view

  • changes to spec results in seeing empty fields for pre-existing record pages

  • very cool import function: generates spec and imports data (from CSV, will be from MsExcel)

    • what if one of your records has "asap" in what should be a date field?

view and edit external sources (e.g. SalesforceCom) (via SOAP or ReST)

uses Java server (Tom Cat) and Pre Vayler Transparent Object Persistence.

potential for integration with GoogleApps - see Portal Collaboration Roadmap

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