Portal Collaboration Roadmap

What kind of Collaboration Roadmap would I like to see Google or Yahoo follow?

Start with WebMail.

  • offer custom-Domain hosting

    • have master domain Address Book automatically shared/updated across everyone

      • but allow a custom comment field for each user to add to entry
  • Use tagging categorization model like GMail (instead of folders).

  • Encourage tags to be written as WikiWord-s.

  • Then auto-link WikiWord-s in messages to query for that tag. (WikiWordAsTag)

  • And BackLinks for a Wiki Page include search of GMail (maybe inline in right column)

Then move into Address Book - AppWiki

  • Auto-generate WikiWord name of each Address Book entry ("John Smith" has 'John Smith')

    • might not have uniqueness

    • every person in To/Cc/Bcc of incoming/outgoing EMail messages should have auto-WikiWord-tag generated

  • Allow WikiWord tags to also be manually associated with every Address Book entry.

  • Recognize/link WikiWord tags within (some?) Address Book fields.

  • searches on WikiWord tag return both WebMail threads and Address Book results (and let you filter/limit to any subset of spaces; and let you sort by Relevance (?) or last-mod-date or create-date)

  • other Address Book additions

    • provide FOAF/XFN/MicroFormat interface, with entries treated as Friends

      • global on/off for user; default?

      • option to keep some records "private" (maybe public/domain/private)

      • use hash of EMail address

    • since other people don't have FOAF/XFN views yet to even assemble all their own online identities (FlickR acct, Del.icio.us acct, etc.), make fields for each of those. (Like Thirty Boxes.)

    • offer at least 1 shared Address Book for Domain - start of SFA system

Then do Calendar similar way

Offer TeamWiki - at least 1 space per Domain

Offer Issue Tracker Wiki - at least 1 space per Domain

Offer SfaViaIssue Tracker Wiki

Office Suite (GoogleApps)? Lite, with a focus on Version Control?

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