Learning By Doing

educational model (Network Of Learning)

from Engines For Education - If you want to learn to throw a football, drive a car, build a mousetrap, design a building, cook a stir-fry, or be a management consultant, you must have a go at doing it.

  • drawbacks: Sometimes it is not practical for students to learn every skill they need to know by actually performing them. We can afford to allow somebody to be a nursing assistant in the emergency room, but we cannot afford, in Groucho Marx's words, to allow that person to be an "amateur brain surgeon." (Medical Learning)

article by Nicholas Negroponte (Seymour Papert reference)

Project Based Learning? ApprenticeShip? Constructionism?

Does this tend to focus on Tacit Knowledge?

hmm, I think John Holt would say we should just "Learn To Do".

The problem is that this idea is used in 2 very different ways

  • learn to do something by doing it, not by listening to someone talk about it (Intrinsic)
  • learn something abstract (e.g. geometry) by starting from some supposedly relevant application of it (Extrinsic)

also theory in Economics by Kenneth Arrow describing how moving along the Learning Curve creates Positive Returns for market leaders.

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