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2009: Apparently it’s developing a system of the same name that was used by Linden Lab as a points-based incentive tool: Linden employees gave and received “love” for a job well done. If an employee was well-received amongst his or her peers, their accumulated love currency was redeemable for a cash bonus at the end of the month. Similar to social capital systems like Whuffie Bank, it appears that Love Machine may become a reputation currency system for businesses.

May18'2011 - now called Coffee And Power. Labor Market.

  • Nov01'2011 update. The site, the app and the first workclub (CoWorking) on Market Street in San Francisco all go live today after a rapidly developed beta period starting this summer... Rosedale is thinking about a marketing strategy inspired by a value system that matters much more to both of us than FaceBook: Burning Man.


Apr'2013: We’re going to stop working on the C&P Workclub app, and have formed a new company with the C&P team members called High Fidelity, where we’re going to create a new kind of Virtual Reality platform.

Right now we have three projects, in different areas and stages of development:

  • Work. Software for companies to work better and faster. (Collaboration Ware? Or more of internal Whuffie market?)
  • Money. A digital replacement for world currencies. (DigiCash) (Also has a Barter story.)
  • The Brain. Can 10,000 computers become a person? - You pick a time period and a recognition budget for your team—say a few thousand dollars to be awarded at the end of a three month run. Over the period, team members send short ad hoc “love” messages recognizing each other for the good work they’ve performed. Throughout the period, the team can see all the messages being sent by viewing the Love Feed. At the end of the period, after the manager has audited the results, each team member gets a gift card amount based on the recognition they received.

Rather open development process - eek PHP (and SubVersion instead of a DVCS!). Called Work List.

see also BetterMeans

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