model for CoOperative space for Hacker-s and Start Up-s - Hacker Spaces

Started by Brad Neuberg in 2005.

William Tozier's thoughts: So the question is: what the hell is “coworking” then? I mean, I’ve disqualified renting desks to people, and setting up offices for independents, and all that other normal stuff. What is it? It’s community. Not the kind you join because it “offers good opportunities for networking and professional development”, but the kind you join because it would be neat. It’s church. Not the kind where you worship, but the kind you go to for fellowship with people from diverse backgrounds, but who are in the same essential and existential position you are: Independent in a world that assumes you have a “job title” and a “boss” and “employer healthcare” or you can “send a purchase order”. (Free Agent, The Craft)


Jelly: "casual coworking"

also an undertaking of Gerrit Visser endorsed by the pioneer of technologies for collaborative work and play Bernie De Koven

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