Market Distortion

Actions by Big Government which result in symptoms often called Market Failure-s. Making a mess of the Free Market/Market Economy (distoring FeedBack), esp for the SmallCo vs the BigCo. Explained by Public Choice Theory?

aka Government Failure?

corporate Limited Liability and Bail-Out-s (S&L, Hedge Fund-s, Mexican debt, etc.)

fixed cost of dealing with regulatory structures, Red Tape;

Trade Guild Protectionism, Tariff-s;

Occupational Licensing;

government (fed or local) Subsidy (Real Estate, taxes, etc.);

overly broad Patent-s;

Bankruptcy protection ("re-org");

subsidizing Trans Port (Cheap Oil, highways, trains, etc.) helps Big Retail consolidate

Universal Service requirements, FEMA Bail-Out-s (taking on risk from people living in places known to be flood-exposed)

monopoly on Money?

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