Member Sites

Member Sites would like to have something like Passport because they believe that End Users hate registration forms.

Supporting multiple reference APIs would be a pain in the butt for most Member Sites. If a single API allowed for multiple Reference Sites, that would probably be fine (i.e., no extra work).

A site that could be this and one of the Reference Sites would be Yahoo.

Ranked requirements for this group (for a Distributed Membership System):

  • minimize work to write/use code to support system (includes: no changes necessary to data structures, field/variable names, internal userID structure, etc.)

  • minimize variations to handle (mimic Passport API?)

  • minimize change requirements caused by this system (stable API)

  • minimize confusion to bonehead users to avoid turning them away

  • flag fields as optional or required (to reference system, for user approval, so user can withhold info more easily)

  • increase confirmation that user is "real" (reduce credit card fraud)

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