Migrating Content

What repositories of content do I need to migrate (and what are some issues with each)?

Ugh, I'll probably have to use XmlRpc for this. Although it might be worth remembering that Zope has an XML-export format, so maybe if I just hacked my other sources to text files matching that format, I could just import them... (probably not, but worth some investigation)

And when will I upgrade my code? Before any of this content migration?

Two years of postings at http://webseitz.editThisPage.com

  • With my old Radio Userland, I have XML files dumped to my hard disk.

  • I'll want to split each paragraph into a separate posting here (in Userland Manila, all postings for a day are in the same message/file)

  • I have a couple pictures uploaded, so have to figure out how to handle those...

  • I may also want to try some text-replace action to create WikiNames (but probably not) (but could be interesting to write some code to suck out series of capitalized words...)

Roughly 1-1/2 years of Visual Page postings. One file per month, each day is a table, each entry is a paragraph (similar to Userland Manila).

MsOutlook notes (some private, some not)

Old wiki pages (oy, I need to find them all!)

  • if in PikiPiki, probably some text structure changes (single-linefeed for bullet points, etc.)

  • old Zwiki spaces? Check laptop too...

Old HyperCard stack, readable in MetaCard

  • some is private, some not.

  • plenty of weird Mac binary symbols (bullets, etc.)

Handwritten journals?

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