Multimedia EBook project involving Neal Stephenson.

Historical Fiction: Actual contemporary events described in the story include the Battle of Legnica, the battle of Khalakhaljid Sands, Tolui Khan's sacrificial death for his brother Ogedei Khan, and the Mongol sack of Volodymyr-Volynskyi in Kievan Rus'. The series includes highly detailed depictions of a papal conclave; Ögedei Khan's court (notably, his rolling "ordo" tent); the geography, flora and fauna of the great Eurasian Steppe; and especially medieval European martial arts.

Some spoiler pages

Feb'2013 notes

  • there were 57 chapters published as a serial
  • these were re-edited and packaged as 3 books (book3 due out Feb26'2013)
  • in addition there are a number of "SideQuest" EBook-s.

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