Mosaic Of Subcultures

see SubCulture

from Alexander Patterns:

The homogeneous and undifferentiated character of modern cities kills all variety of life styles and arrests the growth of individual character. (not sure I agree - Cultural Pluralism?) Although a person may have a different mixture of attributes from his neighbor, he is not truly different until he has a strong center, until his uniqueness is integrated and forceful.... Different though they are in detail people are forever leaning on one another, trying to be whatever will not displease the others, afraid of being themselves.

The metropolis must contain a large number of different subcultures, each one strongly articulated, with its own values sharply delineated, and sharply distinguished from the others. But though these subcultures must be sharp and distinct and separate, they must not be closed; they must be readily accessible to one another, so that a person can move easily from one to another, and can settle in the one which suits him best. See Subculture Boundary.

This seems a little too Urban Planning oriented to me - what happens as subculture groups change in size?

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