My Coding

I still do some coding on the side. Almost all Python. Server bits hosted at linode and Digital Ocean. Most recently FluxGarden.

WikiFlux For PrivateWiki

Virtual ThinkingSpace - mostly batch-transform of text-graph to feed someone else's code.

Inside-Out Markov Chain for CoachBot.

Instapaper auto-repost to this WikiLog.

WikiFlux Flask For WikiEngine for this WikiLog.


WikiGraph to feed Visible Backlinks and Twin Pages widgets at the bottom of each page here. WikiGraphBrowser to incrementally build force-directed-graph visualization.

WikiEbook text manipulation to produce Hack Your Life With A Private Wiki Notebook, Getting Things Done, And Other Systems (which I wrote)

MySpaceship: SocialWarrens, private DiscussionForum


Collaboration Roadmap: unbuilt ideas

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