New Tech Network

New Tech Network is a nonprofit organization that works with schools, districts and communities to implement innovative public High School-s.

Jun'2011: announced it has been selected by New York City’s Department of Education to partner with 11 public high schools this fall. The schools, located in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, are part of the NYC Department of Education’s “IZone” project, which was created in 2010 to increase student achievement by better personalizing learning for students in NYC schools... New Tech, a nonprofit subsidiary of KnowledgeWorks, works with local school districts, principals, teachers, and communities to integrate its transformative approach to learning in public high schools across the country. Teachers in New Tech high schools design rigorous, Real World projects (Project Based Learning) tied to state and district standards that are deeply integrated with technology to create a learning environment that is relevant and engaging for students. (Educating Kids In Nyc)

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