Environment where you can build app without knowing programming. Or maybe just start building?

Conor White-Sullivan: The folks working on Visual Programming Languages, Low Code, or No Code, to try to make programming more accessible to people are... I dunno, focused on not the best goal.. Rather than make it easier to do what you can do with JS, better goal is to make a better ms-excel.... 10.7 Million Javascript developers (most popular "programming language"), 500-750 Million people use Excel (actual most popular programming language + env). Why? Excel lets you treat you thoughts as data. Easy to get started, can ALWAYS upskill to solve harder problems.

  • Phil Jones thinks spreadsheets might be a mis-direction. The "simplicity" of "direct manipulation" ended up being a wall blocking abstraction/manipulation, rather than an affordance/gateway.
    • Two bits of "mind traffic geometry" that really interest me atm : 1) "cards in the stream" ie. 1d sequence of cards / cells as in most social media and jupyter etc. With "algebra of feeds" (ie. filtering / routing / aggregating queries) to process them in interesting ways. (CardDeck)

new: AirTable, Notion, Coda; Glitch?

API glue: Zapier, etc.

old: HyperCard, FileMaker, MsAccess; WikiKit?

cf Language For Learning Programming

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