Organization Models

Why join an organization (esp BigCo, but even SmallCo), vs try to survive as a Free Agent/One Man Show?

If you're going to join or create an organization, how can you avoid the crap generally associated with working for "other people"?

Traditional organizational structures

Is the Open Source movement instructive?

"newer" models

Charles Handy talks about the "federated" or "Inverted Doughnut" model: small core team, OutSourcing the rest.

Network Economy, Business Web, Self Organizing, Virtual Company

Fast Company article Size is not a Strategy profiles new books proposing distributed models...

Unusual examples: Ricardo Semler, W L Gore.

The Minciu Sodas thinktank in Latvia is looking to fund a business "ecosystem".

  • (comment) Minciu Sodas is in Lithuania! (which is next door) I don't know where this fits, but we're figuring out a team-building service and we just got our first client, Ian Bruk. A team of 30 people for $2,000 a year is pretty cool, I think.

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