Personal Cloud

like a Personal Server/hosted server, but made up of mesh of functions running in various parts of the cloud. cf serverless

see old (2012-10-22) Udell Personal Cloud Series

2021 thread (which is bushy, hard to find all the strands): JSON, HTTP, ReST, WASM, composition, pipeline, Internet operating system, etc.

What problem am I trying to solve?

Solution Candidate 1: Personal Cloud

  • you have control/responsibility for almost everything
  • everything runs in cloud
  • you have "central" data store, roughly schema-less
  • you run a collection of apps/functions that use that data-store
  • many components are code you "load" and control
  • other components are remote function-services: you pass a chunk of data, you get a chunk back
  • some components are free, open source
  • some are paid (pay-once or subscription) but trust you with the code to run
  • some are paid-per-use functions

Solution Candidate 2: Own Your Own Data

  • all you run/control is a cloud-based data-store plus ReST-engine
  • all apps get/give data to that server, whether they run on your phone, laptop, or as a SaaS

Hosts to consider

  • Glitch - runs on AWS, but doesn't have automatic access to AWS services
  • Replit (which runs on GCP - but I suspect it can't access GCP stores, only the Replit-native options...)
  • AWS - consumer-friendly enough?
  • GCP - consumer-friendly enough?
  • anyone else? Digital Ocean?
  • Scratch?

What Data-Store should this use? Probably a GraphDatabase... and where should it be hosted?

Is there value in pre-building item-types using W3 ontology standards?

FederatedWiki might have more potential than you'd think: (2022-01-19) FederatedWiki 2022 activities.

Hmm, does the JVM have an important role? Pondering Clojure, etc.

The above is too handy-wavy, need to define/design a couple specific applications as examples...

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