Open Source Relational Data Base.

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Older notes

Not quite as fast as MySQL, and a little more complicated to work with (supposedly), but supports more complex functionality, OReilly Practical PostgreSQL book free online

Simple Mac install -

MsWindows GUI

IRC support

Before launching in Command Line do su - postgres

To import when starting

  • create db first with user. CREATE DATABASE {name} WITH OWNER {user_name]
  • psql {databasename} < {data_base_dump.sql}

To quit: \q<enter>

played with Stored Procedure to basically return a bunch of base fields plus calculated params for a single record, but then found that I'd need to spec the schema in the query that called the proc, which seemed horribly coupled, so dropped that approach....

 FUNCTION prod.client_vacation_view(int4) RETURNS record AS...
...SELECT client_id, last_name from clients into output WHERE...
...return output
but then 
select * from client_vacation_view(200) as (client_id int, last_name varchar(128));

JSON support

Python-related links

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