Products Are Conversations

the HughTrain says so

just like Markets Are Conversations

Hugh MacLeod seems to have had some success applying this to bespoke suits, and is interested in doing the same for the Wine Business... specifically he's trying a serial model of "partnering" with someone in an existing business and using his model to drive up their profitability. (Is he getting paid on a share of increased revenue? A piece of profit?)

What criteria might point to other types of groups to partner with?

  • wants more business (not every does)

  • wants "better" customers (dump the low-volume complainers, etc.)

  • something customers don't understand

  • something customers are afraid/embarrassed to ask about

  • unique in some way (every human-provided service could qualify)

  • customers perceive offering as commodity, or suspect it really isn't but have no idea how to distinguish

  • high cost of trial (you can always survive 1 meal at a diner and then not go back if you don't like it)

  • people have some ongoing interest or period of time in which to research (vs "which emergency room shall I send the ambulance to?")

What are some specific examples?

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