R U Sirius

old Reality Hacker writer


interviewed by Jon Lebkowsky in 1996 http://www.ctheory.net/text_file.asp?pick=19

Now (2004) writing NeoFiles for a nutraceutical maker http://www.life-enhancement.com/neofiles/

Nov'2004 interview re his Counter-Culture ISBN:0375507582 book - There was just no way to do justice to every interesting mutant breed in that densely populated century... But I was honestly appalled when I went back and read the rhetoric of "The Revolution" circa '69 or '70. The problem wasn't with their radicalness but their absurd level of self-importance. This sort-of "We came together as righteous dope-smoking motherfuckers stomping the plastic pig nation under the heels of our wild acid-drenched beatle boots ready to smash Amerikkka with our guns and bombs and rock and roll." That sort of thing. Well, we were the Baby Boomer-s, you know. Self-impressed.

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