Reality Hacker

I like it as a battle cry, equivalent to Hack The Planet.

Also as an identity (Hero of the Network Enlightenment?): Renaissance Man plus D And D plus Real World Game/Game Rule-hacking.

Also related: Friendly Ambitious Nerd, Hacker, Warrior, Reflective Thinker, The Craft, Resilience, Magick

Becoming A Reality Hacker, How To Raise Reality Hackers.

Mondo2000 (Mondo2K) originated as High Frontiers in 1984, edited by R U Sirius (pseudonym for Ken Goffman). He was succeeded as Editor-in-Chief by Queen Moo (anthropologist Alison Bailey Kennedy, a.k.a. "Queen Mu" and "Alison Wonderland"). Sirius was joined by hacker Jude Milhon (a.k.a St Jude) as editor and the magazine was renamed RealityHackers in 1988 to better reflect its drugs and computers theme. It changed title again to Mondo2000 in 1989.

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