ThinkingTool by Conor White-Sullivan (and others?). A Note Taking Tool for Networked Thought. Inspired by the Zettelkasten.

For us, that's always been the goal... Collaborative research means:

  • Efficient allocation of attention
  • Reusing old knowledge in new contexts
  • Sorting intersecting sets
  • Following dependency graphs

First person you have to be able to collaborate with though is your past self... (future self) Hard to see that helping people synthesize and remix book and lecture notes - or their old diary entries - is a simpler prerequisite problem to synthesizing and remixing other people's notes and thoughts. cf Webs Of Thinkers And Thoughts

Collaboration target: loose-collaboration over a collection of researchers, possibly across institutions. For a couple years was funded by researchers in existential risk (AI, pandemic).

There is a way in which the whole point of @RoamResearch is to allow everyone in the world to "DO SCIENCE" in every part of their lives... By DO SCIENCE, I mean...

  • 1) Make observations
  • 2) Sometimes.. conduct experiments to give you new things to observe
  • 3) Seek out "Good Explanations" that account for what you've found (and more)
  • 4) Test explanations as new observations come in (cf ThinkingInBets)


Pricing to be $15/mo

Became RoamCult Nov13'2019

Launched Jul'2019 after couple years of closed beta.


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