Robert Moses

Creator of many NYC Big Project-s. Eventually addicted to Eminent Domain.

Battled by Jane Jacobs.

despite building many highways, he never learned to drive

effectively the creator of the Triborough BridgeAuthority, a public benefit corporation created by the New York State Legislature in 1933 to build the Triborough Bridge when the city's attempts were halted by the Depression. Between 1934 and 1968, under the leadership of Robert Moses, the authority grew in a series of mergers involving four other agencies: the Henry Hudson Parkway Authority, the Marine Parkway Authority, the New York City Parkway Authority, and the New York City Tunnel Authority. Robert Moses's years at Triborough coincided with the national era of public works construction for the AutoMobile. The authority's bridges and tunnels forged vital links among the city's boroughs, ultimately shaping regional travel and economic patterns.,0,7092161.story?coll=ny-lihistory-navigation

  • Moses' career effectively ended on March 1, 1968, when the MTA came into existence with William Ronan as its head.


a 1939 profile

The Power Broker by Robert Caro ISBN:0394720245

dream-based article

Public Housing/Urban Renewal

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