Semantic Wiki

a weird/lite Semantic Web Wiki Hack...

A WikiWord can be like a Category, but it also Is A RDF vocabulary.

In a comment to a Britt Blaser post I wrote:

You know, a wiki could get you kinda far... Each entity gets a WikiWord to ease cross-reference.

The big challenges include:

FREMA: framework reference model for E Learning (Educational Technology) Assessment.

Are there any public examples of more formal approaches? SemanticMediaWiki runs on MediaWiki - Semantic MediaWiki offers two means to make information about a page more explicit: Categorization of links (relations between pages); Typed attributes (of a page). How many people are going to do that?

a related idea is just using 'AND' queries for WikiWord-s like an intersection of different BackLinks queries to find a particular page. - Wiki Name Network

I had related [idea](z2003-04-16-WikiwordAsTopic]] to a related from [[Mark Nottingham.

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