Sharp Zaurus

PDA I bought on EBay in mid 2005

2002-2005 Pre-Purchase Zaurus Notes

Apr'2005 - considering one as my next PDA

The line has been discontinued. Also, I'm rather broke so not thrilled about spending lots of money.

I don't see the SL-6000L online much, except at hideous price.

Comparing older models: 5600 vs 5500. Big improvements seem to be (a) clear cover you can now read through and (b) longer battery life.

Bought the SL-5500 because I can't afford anything else right now.

Zaurus card mounting

May'2005 - Using The Zaurus

June'2005 - Zaurus As PIM

June'2005 - Apps On Zaurus

July-Aug'2005 - Wiki On Zaurus (via PythonOnZaurus)

Oct'2008: retired for Nokia N810.

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