Nokia N810

Nokia N800 but with physical Keyboard

the MID of my dreams?

Upgrading N810

N810 Filesystem

  • when you launch terminal, you find yourself in a '/home/user' directory that has 'MyDocs' and 'apps' subdirectories. The 'MyDocs' looks empty, but the key document files are within '.documents' subdirectory.

Repositories of apps to install

Initial impressions - 2008-01-03-BoughtNokiaN810

  • Keyboard was initially irritating but have gotten a bit used to it quickly, though haven't done any real typing yet.

  • kinda wish it had cursor keys to scroll window just a little at a time, rather than having to use stylus/scrollbars

    • boy those scrollbars are narrow

    • ok, the little trackpad thing has single-line-step areas. And in many apps the space-bar does page-down

  • beautiful screen for EBook and other reading - though no page-down buttons available when keyboard is slid away.

  • seems like you don't want to shut it down, but just let it power itself down (shut down screen, etc.). I've also taken to shutting off WiFi when not going to be using for awhile.

    • definitely need to use "lock" button to lock keypad/screen, or else you're always waking it up when you carry it around.
  • did a nice job of making it easy to connect to my home WiFi.

  • the Blog Lines collapse-frame feature is awesome here.

  • zoom feature is very handy in browser when you need it

  • Web Browser seems a bit flaky when it's loading a bunch of images for a page.


  • get EMail working, see if easy to save IMAP folder of my DailyLit EBook bits to local folder for Off-Line reading

    • got it working, but the client doesn't support folders! IMAP without folders?!?! (More precisely, it seems to have options for creating/managing folders, but it's not recognizing the folders I already have.)

    • also haven't found setting to download emails to read while offline - I can scroll the inbox list but can't read them.

      • also noticed that timestamps on messages aren't kosher
  • use built-in RSS reader to subscribe to a DailyLit book - done

  • get Gizmo working, with my Blue Tooth HeadSet - set up, launched, but haven't had actual conversation yet

    • Jan07: got this working. But couldn't find way to enter keypad (DTMF) codes for Free Conference. Which is rather key. (MacOs X client has keypad popup to use.)
  • get some other EBook-s on it

  • Apr-Jul'2008: figure out PIM plan, data migration from Sharp Zaurus: N810 As PIM

  • Oct'2008: get Python (PyMaemo) running on it

  • Oct'2008: get WikiEngine running on it, move key half-dozen pages somehow from Sharp Zaurus: Wiki On N810

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