The collective employment of one person as computer operator for the purpose of arriving at a collaboratively-authored document (Note-Taking). Most uses of technography involve materials that are prepared, manipulated, and displayed at the (Real Time) direction of the participants of the meeting, displayed either on computer monitors (Screen Sharing) or projection screen, printed, edited, and printed again until all participants agree upon the final version.

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Often good to start from the meeting Agenda.

Good if using a real-time collaborative writing tools (like google docs), so anyone can take over typing a piece.

  • though I often use FreeMind because of its easy ability to re-structure

Listing next actions is important, ideally with names.

  • even better if you have a shared task management tool, and someone is responsible for (a) creating the tasks in there, and (b) linking from the meeting-notes tasks to the "real" tasks

Associated with Bernie De Koven


Desiree Savory

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