Text Editor

application for editing text...

Or code, where I want:

  • Folding (without inserting silly tags) (Folding Text Editor On Mac)

  • regexp find/replace

  • regexp find across files (maybe just do this with MacOs X search functions?)

  • text coloring? keyword Auto-Complete? hints?

  • parenthesis/bracket matching

  • ah, I don't want just a Text Editor

    • set debugger breakpoint visually?

    • also want to be able to check syntax and run the current script May'2011: alternatives to waiting for TextMate-v2 (Folding Text Editor On Mac). First off: if you are a Mac user and compatibility with TextMate is an absolute must-have, let me ask you two questions. Is TextMate 1.5 still working for you? Can you keep living with its limitations? If you answered both those questions “yes,” our work is done here. Go in peace. Otherwise:... your decision is between three editors: BBEdit, Mac Vim and Cocoa EMacs.

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