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Site for consulting-thinker which has various Metered PayWalls etc. to do Thinking Out Loud for a variety of audiences and Business Models.

  • shouldn't just be 2 buckets (free vs paid), but

BookServer page has the most detailed notes... Except it shouldn't be focused on book-structured content. 2018-11-15-BooksVsTweets I should fork BookServer over here...

  • update: probably needs a model to also distribute a newsletter, which might be auto-generated from content, or might be curated/polished into something more meta-narrative....

This reminds me of Cory Doctorow's multi-channel broadcasting

A lot of the "Forces" of the pattern are noted at Webs Of Thinkers And Thoughts.

Let's try a Pattern format, targeting Visakan Veerasamy. (His output is generally words-in-a-row, though (a) ultimately threaded across all media, and (b) sometimes delivered over video.)


Context: You want to Get Paid as an Indie Creator.



Does this require any significant changes, if targeting Liminal Warmth, who has (also) produces novels and videogames.....?

  • seems like less integration between those outputs and the text-streams, so not sure how effective the free-streams are as promotional channels

What if "trad essays" are your primary medium? Then paid-Substack is probably the way to go.

What about someone who's a new media inventor?

  • could be either periodic atomic assets, or part of the subscription/etc package, depending on the creation-frequency.

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