Web Publishing service based on Mind Mapping resource (?)

from Xerox

used to involve Venkatesh Rao

Sept'2010 It's more of a tool for creating self-guided trips of Web sites. Trail creators can link together subgroups of sites, and subgroups of those subgroups with as much complexity and order as they see fit. Users can then share those trips.

Aug'2010: Nova Spivack sees this as a tool in the Web Of Intention, which he frames as being the Meta Model of turning reading/browsing into Actionable outcomes, to maintain Engagement. We need intent-centric products and services that contextualize the Stream, and propel publishing in a more meaningful and actionable form... The distinction between Trailmeme and regular bookmarking platforms is a deference to creative engagement rather than passive consumption.

  • Associated Venkatesh Rao Web Of Intent post: What has Web 2.0 (Social Media) actually done to us? (list) The scary part is that each of these is individually a good thing, but it all adds up to a toxic state of affairs... But here’s why it is a tragedy of the (Attention) commons: everybody is more frantic, but nobody is actually better off... I offered the cautiously optimistic argument that technology is just a lever and that there is a powerful “intent” side and a manipulated “passive” (NPC) side. (A commenter connects this to Active Reading.)


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