WikiGraph JavaScript Widgets Vs Browser Security

I have 2 JavaScript widgets to inject TwinPages/SisterSites and VisibleBacklinks into my WikiFlux pages from my WikiGraph server.

But having those in separate domains causes issues. Which will also be an issue if other people adopt them. (I still my tweak the WikiGraph server to be a subdomain of

May'2018: I realized my PrivacyBadger was blocking these (in Mac GoogleChrome).

Apr'2020: I had to change my widgets to use referrerpolicy="unsafe-url" in my widgets.

Oct'2020: with new laptop, re-discovered the PrivacyBadger issue, plus had to tweak Safari settings to turn off "Prevent cross-site tracking".

  • does that mean the average Safari user doesn't see my Backlinks and TwinPages blocks at the bottom of each page? I think so, at least for iOS.

May'2022: (2022-04-29) WikiGraph embeds not working on Firefox

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